Graco Vivo Travel System – product review

List price: £249.99 (RRP)

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Bambino Direct 

Rating:  5/5 


"The best features of the Graco Vivo Travel System are the ease on opening and closing it one handed, good sized sturdy basket, large raincover that also covers the contents of the basket as well (the others I've used don't seem to cover the basket so the contents end up getting wet – this keeps it all dry), large foot muff (much bigger that other prams I've tried) keeps baby nice and cosy.  Raincover and foot muff are included in the price so no extra costs involved which is a bonus!


The recline system isn't the best.  To change the angle of the seat back you pull a band which is a bit strange and you have to mess about with it a bit before you get the position you want.  You also cannot have the seat totally upright so it is a problem if your child is eating or drinking whilst in the stroller – I ended up improvising and using a luggage strap to hold the seat in an upright position which is not what you would expect to have to do and created problems when opening / closing the stroller. 

When folded down the pram is quite bulky mainly because of the drinks tray which sticks out quite a lot.  I also found that at first the drinks tray wasn't staying attached to the pram properly and a small round "washer" type ring fell off totally and I only discovered it when my little boy grabbed it and tried to put it in his mouth – not good considering the age of children that are using this product – a bit of a health and safety issue there I think.  This "washer" was the reason why the drinks tray wasn't staying on properly – once it came out the tray was able to click fully into position and did stay in place.

If your child is still very small and not sitting upright and you are walking everywhere so don't need to fold the pram down then it is good but not so good with toddlers or if you're getting it in and out of a car.

Overall it is a nice travel system but it has a few quirks that may be an issue for practical everyday use."
Catherine Shipley, 36

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