Great Reads for the weekend

I’m thrilled and proud to announce that LivingwithKids has just been given an award! I can’t believe it. The last time I actually won anything was probably the Fancy Dress competition at my primary school (my dad dressed me as a Christmas cracker in a giant cardboard tube covered in crepe paper and had to roll me into the assembly hall because I could barely move my feet). So thanks so much to Linda at who nominated me for the Great Read – and thanks so much to all of you who take the time and trouble to comment on the blog. All your feedback is very much appreciated. It now falls upon me to choose five mummy/daddy blogs which I also think are a Great Read. There are so many wonderful parenting blogs to choose from (over 600 at least!) but here are a just a few of my favourites, perfect for enjoying with a cuppa and a cupcake. I hope you enjoy them too (just click on the titles in red to be taken through to the blog). Single Parent Dad A Modern Mother Havealovelytime Wife of Bold Baby Baby Have a fabulous weekend! written by Liz Jarvis