Guest Post: Have you seen the Muffin Mum? Five tips for faking a flat tum

Sophie Devonshire is the founder of e-boutique Babes With Babies which specialises in flattering clothing for postnatal wear. Today she gives us the lowdown on how to zap a muffin top and fake a flat tum. Cake is good. Picture the sweet soft texture of a Victoria sponge, the gooeyness of a choc chip brownie; or the elegant appeal of a really good carrot cake (with icing of course). It’s the perfect partner to a cup of tea and really helps slake the hunger you feel in the first months of breastfeeding.  It is, of course, a disaster for helping shift pre-pregnancy weight and helps lead to that most unsightly of high-street looks… the muffin top midriff. While there are many people who can give you sensible, strict advice about getting rid of a ‘mum tum’ (pilates, boot camp, reducing carbs, etc. etc. etc) until you have time it’s pointless. So here’s my cheat’s guide to how to fake a flat tum. Go high. Low-cut jeans are flattering around your bottom but they will lead to a muffin-top. Find a more high-waisted style. Much more ‘now’ and it’s amazing what a bit of tough denim can do to contain that naughty middle.   Layer Cake. The is a brilliantly useful trick. Layer a long white vest-top under a tee pr cardigan and not only do you help avoid showing your love handles but the white also reflects on your face which is also great for making you look less tired. Find better fitting trousers. At Babes With Babies  sell hundreds of our Palazzo Pants (and great tops) which are supremely comfortable – very soft, well-cut trousers that don’t cut-in to your waist and flatter your legs beautifully (see above). Get support. There’s a reason why Spanx is beloved of celebrities and ordinary mortals alike. Gwyneth Paltrow talks openly about their role in her post-natal premiere dressing. They are also fantastic for smoothing out your silhouette under jeans and a t-shirt. Distract the eye. A great statement necklace or earrings or a scarf draws the eye away from any bulges or embarrassing bits. Accessorize and you’ll distract all from looking down. If that’s given you a taste for new clothes do go to Babes With Babies  for more ideas.