Guilty pleasures

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Every time I go shopping for Something for myself I invariably end up with Nothing for myself but Something for my family.

In the current climate, treating yourself for no good reason (no birthday, anniversary or lotto win) seems like a ludicrous luxury.

But according to recent research from the US (where else), if you never treat yourself, you always feel like you’re ‘missing out on life’s pleasures’.

In other words, never spoiling yourself can be bad for your health. Sounds like a license to shop for the woman of the house to me. Debenhams have a lovely range of beauty offers right now – I’ve got my eye on a Bamboo Pinks Make-up Set by Clinique ( £37.19) – order through KidStart and you even get money back, which you can use to spoil your kids.  


written by Liz Jarvis


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One Response to Guilty pleasures

  1. Jacqui Paterson says:

    I also find it really hard to justify buying things for myself these days, but love treating my 10-month-old daughter. I try not to go overboard, or spend too much – she really does have just as much fun banging two empty boxes together as she does playing with her toys!! But it’s definitely important to treat yourself every now and again. Nothing lifts the spirits like a little retail therapy!


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