Hair care – Becoming a brunette from a blonde

Q: I have been having highlights most of my adult life, but every time I see Cheryl Cole on the TV, I crave really shiny glossy brunette hair (my natural colour is mouse and I have fair skin). But I'm worried that going dark will make me look dull. What do you suggest?

Answer by Daniel Galvin Junior

A: Firstly I would suggest you go to Selfridges or another department store and try on a selection of wigs to ensure you are happy with the colour and also that it suits your complexion.  I would also recommend you go to a professional salon for a consultation and that you opt for a natural semi permanent colour.

Once you start putting chemicals onto the hair it won't wash out – when it comes to Summer you may want to return to your natural colour so this is the best way of keeping your colour options open.


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