Halo N Horns Kids Mango Melon Mayhem Shampoo and Conditioner – Product Review

Available from: Ocado
Rating: Rating:  5/5   

"My son is a great fan of baths but not of soap or shampoo, but the fruity smell of this attracted him as it has no soapy smell.  I'm not an expert on skincare as my 3 year old luckily has no allergies but I think it is better to use a few chemicals as possible on young skin, so the bonus of this being hypoallergenic is great.  We live in a hard water area and the combined shampoo/conditioner lathered first (& only) time leaving his hair soft & clean without being fluffy.  It can be run under the taps & also used as a body wash, leaving a clean & fruity smelling little boy. I would definitely use this range in the future."
Sharon Thomas, 38, Staffordshire          

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