Harry and the Dinosaurs United

By Ian Whybrow, Adrian Richards

List price:   £5.99 
Available from:  Waterstones 
Rating:  5/5 
Read:  Every night 

Harry and the Dinosaurs United by Ian Whybrow, Adrian Richards  

"There wasn't a squeak out of my three-year-old when I read her this book at bedtime. She loved the pictures and the story of how Harry was captain of his class football team. Once we'd finished, she wouldn't let me put the book away until she'd learned all the names of Harry's dinosaurs. So, I am proud to say that Sarah now knows the difference between a stegosaurus and a tyrannosaurus. Her favourite is the anchisaurus because it sounds funny. Now she's wants more Harry books."
Sally Brockway (Mum of a daughter aged 3)  

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