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Have you succumbed to the slanket?

Dec 14 • Living with Families • 1408 Views • 8 Comments on Have you succumbed to the slanket?

Slanket is one of the biggest-selling gifts this Christmas. Apparently, a sort of snuggly blanket that envelops your entire body.

The effect of the slanket is slightly caterpillar/Jabba the Hut, depending on your body shape.

Although I can see the appeal in the current cold snap. I would imagine wearing one encourages you never to leave the sofa. However, if you are planning to buy one, either as a gift or for yourself, they sell them at Lakeland and Firebox.

The product have become very popular in the US, where chat show hosts Jay Leon and Oprah Winfrey have featured the product. As many as five million Snuggies have already sold there.

The actor from the Die Hard movie, Bruce Willis, wore his slanket on the David Letterman show. Numerous viral websites have been created because of it, where owners can share pictures wearing their very own slanky.

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8 Responses to Have you succumbed to the slanket?

  1. MummyTips says:

    It is classic isn’t it? I couldn’t believe the story when I read that it was one of the hottest selling Xmas gifts. But then I told myself – hang on lady, are you not a PR yourself???? Should know better than to believe everything that you read in the papers. That said – it is completely up my teenage student son’s street – shame there is no Star Wars version!

  2. Vic @ says:

    There’s something cosy about snuggling up under a blanket that your nan’s knitted you. I’m not convinced a slanket can deliver that same amount of comfort, even if it is more practical.

  3. Ali at says:

    tee hee, Star Wars version indeed, they’ll read that MummyTips, you’d better be quick and patent it! I could get one for everyone in the office, and turn off the heating, just think of us all sitting here around the meeting table wearing them! Ever the queen-of-green me ;>)

  4. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    Well, MummyTips, they do have a nice camouflage one. And trust me on this, Gary, the Slanket Man ( will happily send one to you for a bit of PR. How do you think I got mine? I love my Slanket and yes, it does pin you down to the couch but is that a bad thing? They have adult, kids and TRAVEL Slankets. I think it’s great…which is why I have one. I didn’t know Lakeland sold them. How good for Gary and The Slanket! 😉 Karin

  5. jayne howarth says:

    I must admit that secretly (well, not anymore) I would love one. I am always enveloped in a blanket and duvet on the sofa … am I getting old?!

  6. angelsandurchinsblog says:

    Now come on, the look is Jabba the Hut whatever your body shape!

  7. Manda - Flying Start Magazine says:

    Erm… well I must admit – I’ve been looking at them for the past few weeks, but purchasing one is like admitting old age is setting in… and I can’t see much sex appeal when my hubby gets back on a Thurs night after working away all week and I’m wrapped up like a granny onthe couch lol… but I do still fancy one! I was going to dare buy mum one for Xmas, but wasn’t sure what her reaction would be so decided against it! Anyway, if I did get one, beingas clumsy as I am, I’d probably fall over it and break my nose or something!

  8. Queen of Slankets says:

    Yes you look like a fool, but you are a snuggly warm fool who has saved on heating bills. So who cares.


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