Have You Written Your Summer Bucket List?

Like many of you, I will be juggling working and parenting for the next six weeks while the children are off school.

According to statistics from Nationwide building society, one in ten parents expects to spend £450 on entertaining their children over the summer holidays. Blimey! I sat down with the kids this weekend and we made our summer bucket list. The idea was to think of things we want to do over the summer that won’t cost a fortune but  will leave lasting memories.

We’ve decided we’re going to:

1. Learn the names of at least five trees in our local park and be able to identify them. 2. Learn how to cook something new off-by-heart. For the teenager, this means learning how to make a Bechamel sauce. The 7-year-old wants to learn how to make damper bread, perfect for cooking on campfires. My other half is going to work on his first sushi roll. Me, I’m going to memorise the recipe for the perfect Mojito. I know this isn’t exactly ‘cooking’, but it is six weeks we’re talking! 3. Try to swim in the moonlight at least once. 4. Have at least 48 hours of zero screen time. No phones, no TV, no computers. This includes you daddy. 5. Use every discount, voucher and loyalty card we have to redeem against days out, restaurants and entertainment to make things more affordable.

What about you? What’s on your family’s summer bucket list?

Julian Robson, the Managing Director at KidStart said :
1. Going for a long family bike ride on a warm sunny day 2. Pitching the tent in the garden and sleep out for a night 3. Going to a museum on a rainy day (they are free apart from the transport: favourites for my boys Science Museum, Tate Modern, Imperial War Museum)
  Image Credit : Carol Caduncan