The Health Benefits of Eggs

Today, 9th of October, is World Egg Day. To celebrate we’ve explored what eggs are good for and their real health benefits…

Whether you like them scrambled, boiled or poached, take a look at why eggs should be part of your well-balanced diet.

  Low-cost protein Eggs are a low-cost source of protein that would be expensive to obtain from meat. Most of the protein is in the egg white and is highly digestible by humans. Weight Loss Eggs are low-calorie and low-fat. (The average boiled egg contains 155 calories.) Pregnancy Eggs are a rich sources of choline, a B-complex vitamin that has been shown to enhance foetal brain development so organic, pasteurised eggs are a good addition to the diet of pregnant women. Happiness Choline is an essential part of the methylation process, a cycle that produces hormones that make us happy such as serotonin and dopamine. Cholesterol Eggs have been associated with high cholesterol content and therefore, with an increased risk of heart disease. Recent studies however, suggest this may not be the concern it once was. The important thing for cholesterol levels is to eat a balanced diet that is low in saturated fat. You only need to reduce your egg intake if advised by your health professional. Bone health Eggs contain lots of vitamin D which is essential for calcium and phosphate balance and the health of our bones. Thyroid health Iodine is an important mineral for thyroid hormone health, but it can be quite difficult to obtain from food. Eggs however, are a great natural source of iodine.

Want some great recipe ideas for preparing eggs?

Why not try Jamie Oliver’s recipe for the perfect boiled egg or Waitrose guide to poached egg perfection. Are scrambled eggs your thing? How about mixing them up with smoked salmon for a tasty, nutritious breakfast? Sainsbury’s Ultimate Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg recipe is here. Enjoy!   Buy your groceries at Tesco and get up to 7% back for your kids Buy your groceries at Waitrose and get up to 6% back for your kids  Buy your groceries at Sainsbury’s and get £0.50 back for your kids Buy your groceries at Morrisons and get up to£6 back for your kids Buy your groceries at Asda and get up to £3.5 back for your kids Buy your groceries at Ocado and get up to £10 back for your kids    

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