Healthy breakfasts for your little ones

Mornings can be difficult especially when you have children to feed and places to be, which means making sure your kids have a nutritious breakfast can be pretty stressful.

Health officials warned that children are consuming half of their recommended daily sugar allowance before they get to school in the morning so it’s important to get your kids used to eating healthy, low sugar breakfasts from a young age.

This is where Sainsbury’s new Little Ones range is perfect.

Sainsbury’s is inviting parents to take their baby on a taste journey with Little Ones – its new own brand baby food range, available in stores and online nationwide now. Three years in the making and developed with registered nutritionist Fiona Wilcock, the tasty range comprises nearly 50 delicious and nutritious dishes for children to try, from single flavour vegetable pouches such as carrot or parsnip, to more creative culinary delights such as Chicken Katsu Curry or BBQ Pulled Pork.

Breakfast is a big part of the range with organic baby rice and fruity multigrain porridge all from £1.50. Here are some of our favourites:

Sainsbury's Little Ones Baby Rice

Sainsbury’s Little Ones Organic Baby Rice 4+ Months – Smooth and light, this is perfect for when your baby is ready to start the weaning process.

Sainsburys Plum and Banana Porridge

Sainsbury’s Little Ones Organic Multigrain Porridge 7+ Months – Soft and textured, with light crispy pieces and soft oat flakes, this is perfect for when your baby is ready to explore new textures.

Sainsbury's Little Ones carrot, apple and banana porridge

Sainsbury’s Little Ones Organic Apple, Carrot & Banana Multigrain Muesli 10+ Months – Soft and chewy, with real fruit flakes, great for chewing and exploring new flavours.

Remember to use KidStart when shopping with Sainsbury’s. We’ve recently partnered with Sainsbury’s which means you will get KidStart Savings on every order you make! New Sainsbury’s customers will get £2 and existing customers will 80p.