Here come the boys….

It’s starting to feel a little bit like Christmas – the blockbuster ads on television are a sure sign that Holidays Are Comin,’ and I know it’s shallow of me but I do like the new Boots ad which is as sophisticated and knowing as a Richard Curtis production – and I mean that in a good way. Little details like the signature stamp on the gift tags and the way the girls adjust their sunglasses before clicking on a dazzling Christmas will probably still be making me giggle on Christmas Eve. And unlike a lot of Christmas production numbers, which bang on about Christmas being the sole responsibility of women, it puts women clearly in charge of the festivities in a sassy way, reminding us that Christmas may be tricky to pull off but it is essentially a fun job, especially when you have been round the block a few times, Christmas wise. But one thing the Girls ad may not have picked up is that according to the shopping trends predictors, men will be doing more of the shopping this Christmas, and specifically, bringing home the turkey. According to the report published this week  “How Britain will shop for Christmas 2011”, published by Verdict Research and business analytics company SAS: “More than 10.5 million turkeys will be bought by UK consumers this Christmas. Turkey purchases start in earnest from mid-November while more than 5 million will be bought in the last week with 56.5 per cent purchased by men. The research suggests that women send their partners out with lists to save time as they ready the home, wrap presents, prepare party food and organise decorations, leaving men responsible for the tree, drink, Christmas food and present shopping. “ So who does the shopping in your house – do you divvy it up between you or does one do the shopping and the other the wrapping? Let me know with a comment.