How long were you in labour for?

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Yesterday a friend's sister gave birth to her first baby. She was in labour for two hours. Two hours! How lucky can you get?

I was in labour with No 1 Son for three days, so I must admit, even though of course the birth experience doesn't matter as much as the end result, I'm slightly envious of anyone who was in labour for a short time.

But maybe some of you were in labour for even longer than three days. So I'd love to know. How long were you in labour for?

written by Liz Jarvis


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13 Responses to How long were you in labour for?

  1. tiddlyompompom says:

    with big m i was in labour for six hours. I expected the same or quicker with little m but ended up being in early labour for eight – EIGHT- days.

  2. Sandra says:

    OMG – eight days!? That’s awful, you poor love. My labour was excruiatingly long, 24 minutes! lol By the time the midwives gave me gas and air I’d already had my daughter and was getting ready to be "fixed up". Not sure if shorter or longer labours are better but I went into shock at the quickness of it all. Especially as my daughter was rwo weeks early and literally minutes before she popped out the midwife had told me that I was overreacting and that I wasn’t in labour and should go home!

  3. lamamalicious says:

    In totally it was 3hrs. When I got to the birth centre I was already 9cm. Everyone always says to stay home long as possible as first baby will take forever….I took this on board and didn’t take myself too seriously when the contractions started. I think I stayed home too long. LO was out in 30mins after arrival at birth centre.

  4. lamamalicious says:

    Like Sandra, I didn’t have time for any pain killers either and luckily for me no stitches. It was all natural but my body was in shock for a bit because of the quickness of it all.

  5. Liz says:

    27 hours, one contraction every 3 minutes from start to finish. 2 bottle of gas and air, 3 epidurals and an emergency c-section to finish off – fun fun! But I’m feeling like an utter wuss in comparison to tiddlyompompom’s 8 days!! Blimey much respect!!Liz11

  6. Laura says:

    40 minutes with the first. Was frightened that I’d birth the boy in the footwell of the car on the way to hospital, but we made it and his too was 40 minutes!

  7. northernmum says:

    3 days with the twins and every drug I could get and 12 hours with the baby and the baby hurt a bloomin lot more:

  8. 21st Century Mummy says:

    After waiting a day to be induced, I was labour for 5 hours. That was bloody long enough. It was agony. Don’t think I was using the gas & air properly. I developed a bad case of tourettes – could not stop saying F**k (was so embarrassed)! I was only 0.5 cm dilated after that time. Ended up having a c-section under general anaesthetic. Next time around c-section all the way baby!

  9. Sarah says:

    First time felt like days but was properly about 15 hours, he had to be pulled out was quite traumatic second was c section decided before and my last one was about 5 hours and a wonderful experience if they where all like that i would have half a dozen lol

  10. Susan says:

    My labour started with the earthquake that shook us all in 2008! 16 hours later out popped the little man. Stayed at home for most of it, doing two hours in the birthing pool when we got to the hospital. As my waters hadnt broken, the midwife decided we should check how we were getting on. The waters popped litterly all over the poor wonderful woman, and Noah followed almost as quickly – 20 mins later. My biggest memory is refusing the midwives advice to change position. I remember shouting at her – if I lie down he’ll get stuck in my pipes! A reference to antenatal training where a drain pipe corner was used to demonstrate our birth canal!

  11. Rosie Scribble says:

    I had an epidural at 11am, I was induced an midday and had my daughter at nine o’clock. Have to admit I didn’t feel a thing! Shoot me now! Wouldn’t go through it again mind.

  12. Amy says:

    It was 12hrs with my 1st, 6hrs with my 2nd, 1hr 40 of the most intense pain ever with my 3rd, 12hrs with my 4th and 12hrs with my 5th. All very different but all natural xxx

  13. Peggy says:

    It was 56hrs with my first and 12hrs with my second who popedp out within 15 min of arriving at hospital!! It is only because he was stuck on the way out that he didn’t arrive in the car apparently… Thank god for tight vagina walls!!


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