How Old Is Too Old For Father Christmas?

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One thing I love about Christmas is just how many children believe in Father Christmas. The whole idea of him giving toys out all around the world.

My own kids have their own idea how he manages this. They have concocted a whole world for him full of elves, toy factories and magic books. That watch kids to see if they are good or bad. I love that they believe, and hope it goes on for a few more years yet. 

I can’t remember when I stopped believing in Santa but I think I must have been pretty old as I wasn’t heartbroken by the fact or that surprised. So I was surprised to meet a mum yesterday who thought 7 was too old to believe and was planning on telling her son the truth after Christmas.

Abuse of trust

It was even more of a surprise to read a blog in the Telegraph where a father argued telling your kids Santa is real is an ‘abuse of trust’. That parents shouldn’t be filling kids heads with things that aren’t true.

Personally I’m happy that Father Christmas was part of my childhood. I don’t feel believing in any way made me distrust my parents or that I was ‘tricked’ into the magic of Christmas. In fact as an adult some of the best parts about Christmas are reviving my childhood memories of Christmas Eve with my brothers and of looking into the sky for Santa’s sleigh.

Growing up

So in my mind I don’t think telling your kids a bit of fiction is wrong or deceitful. And I don’t think it matters how long you believe in Father Christmas for.

Kids should be be enchanted for as long as they want and need. Find out  in their own time. And after all isn’t that what childhood and growing up is all about.

Wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas.

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9 Responses to How Old Is Too Old For Father Christmas?

  1. Gemma Pollitt says:

    I’ve not once told any of mine and my eldest is 14. I know there comes an age when they stop believing but who am I to force it upon them. My older children keep up the pretense for my younger children x

  2. Deborah Gregory says:

    I was the same Gemma but I think this post should not be up. Might spoil the magic for someone

  3. Gemma Peadon says:

    Jeez I’m 30 and my sister is 29 and yesterday she left an answerphone message on my phone singing the sleeps to Santa song because we were told no believe =no receive and I’m not risking it 😉
    On a more serious note I don’t think my eldest believes any more but my 5 year old does so she keeps it up for her sake.
    They were both told we buy the gifts and send them to Santa and if they have been good Santa brings them back on that magical night and if they’ve been extra good on Christmas day Santa teleports (thought my special cupboard U0001f602) an extra gift for Christmas day evening!

  4. Kareen McConnell says:

    Keep the magic alive they grow up way to fast and am 32 and wish I could still feel the magic of it all xxxxxx

  5. Laura Stead says:

    My 6yr old is asking a lot of questions this yr about whether santa is real or not. Im not gonna spoil it for her coz i think shes too young to find out yet, plus i have a 4yr old n 1yr old so santas gonna b around for a while yet! 🙂

  6. Carla Rowland says:

    I agree. Or be worded a bit more carefully. My 9 year old was just sat next to me as I was scrolling down my newsfeed, peering over my shoulder. Scrolled down quickly even though she asked ‘what’s that’ at the picture. Think I got away with it U0001f601 she’s suspicious anyway and I’d like one more year of magic 🙂

  7. Emma Smyth says:

    What do you mean “who Santa really is?” He’s Santa, of course!

  8. Pat Black says:

    For goodness sake they’re not children for long so keep the magic going as long as possible. Real life will catch up with them in due course. What’s wrong with a little make believe. I remember when my daughter was about 7 & she came home from school saying some kids had said there was no Santa. I just said ‘ think about it, could mum & dad afford to buy all the gifts you get’. She just said no and the magic carried on for another year. U0001f600U0001f600

  9. There is nothing wrong with keeping the magic alive and kids love surprises, so take a look at for fun innovative scooters for kids.  They absolutely love them!


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