How to be an Amazing Mum When you Just Don’t Have the Time

By Tanith Carey
Lion Hudson

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Available from:  Waterstones
Rating:  5/5 

How to be an Amazing Mum When you Just Don't Have the Time  

"This book is full of time saving tips on everything to do with motherhood, from cooking to tantrums, from clothing to housework – it's all there in an easy to read format.  It's perfect for dipping into for specific subjects and problem solving ideas.  I particularly loved her tips on stress-free children's parties (e.G. Forget party bags they are an administrative nightmare, instead choose one themed gift for each child).  She also has some very sound ideas on how to streamline your wardrobe to save time dressing in the morning." 

"Her suggestions for behaviour strategies are excellent, and as an experienced teaching assistant these are strategies I have used effectively for years. This is the sort of book I wish someone had given me when I had my first child, as it’s crammed full of things that most of us learn through trial and error and over years of experience.  While some of the tips may be optimistic (Get your child to do what you ask the first time, not the twentieth) I would recommend this book to all new parents."
Jean Ward, mum of two  
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