How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance

Today I had the joy of searching for the cheapest and best deal on car insurance. Having received an email from my current insurer telling me my premium has risen £100 despite not having had an accident and the fact my ancient car isn’t worth more than about £700, I called and asked why the price has risen by a third. The man at the call centre said “Well, we have had bad weather.” Needless to say I haven’t renewed. Instead what I have been doing is going to the many comparison sites and calling insurers not on these sites and seeing how much money I can save. In every case I have been offered insurance cheaper than my renewal policy and I’ve also learned a few other interesting things to boot such as: 1. Don’t let inertia stop you from shopping for a better deal. Insurance companies know many of us are time starved and will simply opt for instant renewal. 2. Consider your assumptions. For instance third party fire and theft isn’t always cheaper than comprehensive cover. 3. Do your sums. Sometimes a more expensive deal will give you extras that make it a better deal. For instance one policy I have been offered is £100 more than the cheapest quote but also offers me free breakdown cover, and double points in a supermarket for a year, making it a great deal for my family. 4. Do your research online and see who is offering great deals. For instance Aviva are currently offering 15 free weeks of car insurance, Sainsbury’s free breakdown cover and double nectar points. While time consuming it’s worth it. 5. See who does credit checks before you use a price comparison site as it can affect your quote. Or better still go through KidStart and find a great deal and earn money back on buying a new policy. 5. Always follow up an online quote with a chat to a real person at the insurance company. Ask if they can better the quote you have been offered – in my case he bought it down by another £30.00. The end result for me is while the whole process has taken two hours,  it’s saved me about £200 a year on my car insurance. So worth job well done. If you have any more tips on how to get better deal do let us know.