How To Keep Babies Cool At Night

Like many, we’ve had a series of bad nights because aside from being hot and sticky, it seems virtually impossible to keep my two year old cool. With the current hot weather he wakes up every hour chanting ‘I hot mummy, I hot’. So far we’ve done all the usual things like keep the shades down in his room during the day, keep a fan blowing in his room at night, and basically just dress him in a nappy and loose vest but it hasn’t helped much. Asking friends that live in hot countries what they do has, however been really helpful. One suggested hanging damp towels in the room as the evaporating water will help the air to cool. Another said to place cool damp muslins on his face and body when it’s baking hot and one mum said when her toddler won’t calm down due to being hot, a cool (not cold) bath helps a lot. Having tried all of them I have to say the cool bath has worked the best for us, as calming him down has been key in cooling him down and then getting him to sleep. If you’re also having problems  it’s also worth noting that like us, babies don’t really need a lot of bedding when it’s hot. So if you’re small one is wrapped in PJs and a sheet, quilt or sleeping bag, it’s best to throw them off or at least allow them to kick them off. By the way if you’re pregnant it’s good to know these tips also work really well, especially the cool damp muslins on the body. So what are you doing to keep your little ones cool at night. Let us know your best tips so we can share them with other mums.