How To Keep Your Kids Cool

I had my second child in the middle of a heat wave. Having had my first in the depths of winter I still remember the despair of trying to keep this small baby cool but not too cool, as well as sheltered from the sweltering heat and sun. Aside from knowing I had to up a few feeds to keep him hydrated, I was pretty stuck for how else to help him. Luckily both my parents were born in very hot countries so had a wealth of tips. Number one on the list was simply don’t go out at the hottest part of the day (between 11.00 and 3pm). It’s so obvious yet in my sleep deprived state I would often hop in the car with him around lunch time and feel distressed at how much he cried. Secondly, was to take off his clothes and let him just be in a nappy in the house. Thirdly, it was to make sure I stayed cool and hydrated too so I didn’t get stressed and my milk stayed constant. Lastly it was to keep their bedrooms cool throughout the day by keeping blinds or curtains closed. All of these worked a treat and helped keep both mother and child sane while the sun was shining. My  health visitor also had some great tips so if you’re currently struggling to keep babies and small ones both hydrated and cool here’s what else she suggested:
  • Place your baby in the coolest part of the house and have a fan going (though don’t directly aim it at them)
  • At night let them sleep in a nappy with a light sheet.
  • Dress babies in one layer if you’re going out but make sure their arms and legs are covered as their skin is thin and will burn easily.
  • Babies over heat very quickly especially in cars and on public transport so avoid long journeys.
  • Put a hat on your child and use a 30+ sunscreen
So does anyone else have any great tips for keeping kids cool in this hot weather. Let us know.