How To Save Money on Food

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A new national survey from the consumer champion Which? has found that 84 per cent of people are worried about the rising cost of food and as a result have reduced their spending on groceries. With 39 per cent now using discount supermarkets more than they had previously.

I can personally vouch for this, having spent much of my last weekly shop wandering the aisles ranting about the prices. I know we’re in a recession but I can’t believe how the supermarkets are bumping up the price of food on an almost weekly basis. A well-known brand of butter I buy jumped from £2.20 to £2.90 in a week! Sorry but why is this happening, if inflation fell slightly in June

No wonder the Which? survey found that people have not only changed the foods they’re buying to cope with higher food prices but also cut back. To save money I’ve not only been switching to more basic ranges, but I’ve also been opting for any good deal I spot.
If like me you’re keen to save money the survey also found that budget versions of fish, cheese, butter, natural yoghurt and dried spaghetti are all recommended in place of more expensive alternatives.

In the meantime Which? is talking to economists, the food industry and government to find out what is really driving the increasing cost of our food, and what can be done to address rising prices.
So what are you doing to save money when it comes to your weekly shop? Have you changed supermarkets, changed your eating habits, or simply cut back? Any tips greatly appreciated.



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4 Responses to How To Save Money on Food

  1. fiona says:

    I’ve changed supermarkets and cut back. Our cupboards don’t have the choices that they used to have, I eat less and I menu plan more. Having said all that, I don’t feel that we’re missing out, I obviously just used to buy too much. However, it does make my blood boil when I see some of the prices.

  2. Anita Naik Anita Naik says:

    I agree. I also don’t feel we’re missing out so feel we did a lot of impulse buys before.

  3. Ellie says:

    Yes I’d be interested to know if the farmers are getting more money as I’m pretty sure they get a pretty poor price for some of their produce from the supermarkets. When I go to the supermarket I go straight to the mark down section-meat, fish, vegetables, I’m not fussy and touch wood haven’t been poisoned yet! I won’t eat the value range of meat though and would rather eat less meat and cook with chicken thigh meat rather than breast etc. We grow some food at home and I really recommend allotments. When I lived in London my boyfriend got us one which I was rather rude about. It was however not only good fun, but I couldn’t believe how much we grew and it all tasted fantastic.

  4. pete jones says:

    One of the best ways to cut waste and save money is to buy food from one of those sites which sell food approaching or past its best before date (ie totally safe and perfectly good to eat). I use bestbuy-foods dot com


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