How to save money on your Christmas food shop

As anyone who follows me on Twitter knows (@livingwithkids) I love The Martin Lewis Money Show. Why? Well because it’s about the only show on TV that gives families useful information in a money saving way. Last night (ironically when I was doing my online Christmas food shop) Lewis was talking about how you can save 30% on your weekly shop simply by going down a brand level. This means going from a premier brand, to a medium brand, or even a basic brand. In real terms for me this means forgoing the posh version of cake/bread/turkey and trying out the brand level underneath. Seeing as I am a total sucker for the ‘high end’ supermarket brands at Christmas this is a good thing. I know I am totally fooled into thinking these premier brands are worth the money at Christmas because it’s a special occasion. His advice, is to try the brand level underneath the one you’re buying and see if (1) you can taste the difference and (2) if posher is indeed better. In the past when I have tried this the answer has sometimes been ‘great no difference’ and sometimes a ‘yuck-i’m-not-eating-that’! In terms of drink I’ve yet to find a basic brand that lives up to a premier brand, but in terms of vegetables, fruit and food cupboard basics, I’ve often found no difference. So I’m going to put Martin Lewis’s advice to the test (it’s already worked in terms of saving 30%) and see if my family notice. If you’re doing your Christmas food shop this week another way to save even more money is to do your shop through KidStart. Waitrose are giving extra KidStart savings for Christmas which means you could earn 2% back on orders of £100 or more. Plus having scanned all the supermarkets it seem to be the only one left with delivery slots left for Christmas. Though that could be just where I live. So does anyone have any more tips on saving on Christmas food? Let us know.