How’s Your Christmas Shopping going?

How’s your Christmas shopping going? According to the papers record numbers of us took a sneaky break from work yesterday at 10am to Christmas shop online. Known as Cyber Monday, this was the day that online Christmas shopping surged with spending reaching £300,000 a minute at lunchtime alone. I know this is true because I was one of the Cyber Monday shoppers. I woke up yesterday morning and suddenly realised I hadn’t bought a single present and so had to do something fast. Two hours later I had bought half my gifts, driven I hate to admit by which of my favourite stores was giving the most money off (three of them in case you’re wondering). I’m aware I sound like the Grinch but it doesn’t bother me if someone gets a deal on a gift for me. In fact I applaud it in this economic climate. Better still many of the shops/sites are actually extending their deals into the week. So if like me, you’re seriously lagging behind in the shopping stakes spread the word and have a sneaky look online in your lunch hour. And thanks to everyone who wrote to me last week when I wrote about online shopping. Many Facebook-ed me more really good online tips for shopping which I’m going to share with you now: 1. Check out discount shopping codes to see what extra deals you can get before you shop online. 2. Sign up for newsletters on sites as they usually offer you extra deals like 15% off at this time of year. 3. Use comparison sites to see where gifts, toys clothes are cheaper but also go to the stores to see if there are any extras like free delivery. 4. If  you’re buying from the US, factor in customs charges which the site you’re buying from has no control over. 5. If a deal sounds too good to be true. It is (take not everyone who saw the iPad for £34.00 so called deal). 6. Wait for the sales. Many online ones are starting before Christmas this year.