I HATE our bathroom!

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Every time guests come over I find myself apologising for our bathroom because it's just awful. When we moved into this house the bathroom was on the list of Rooms To Be Done. Unfortunately, what with the credit crunch and everything, the bathroom went to the bottom of the list.

Hate is not a word I use very much, but I really, really hate our bathroom. It's not just that it's totally unmodernised, with a shower that doesn't work properly, no heating (so it's bitterly cold in winter), and cheap and nasty wall tiles everywhere. And lots of mould. (OK, I could probably do something about that).

But the worst thing is that the Sixties suite is beige. Beige. It never, ever looks clean.

So I've been looking at the bathrooms at Wickes. I like these two, right, the Hamilton and the Berkeley. And right now KidStart members get 15% off all orders over £500 before 15 May. I am seriously tempted. (If you're planning to buy a new bathroom, click here for more info).

*Which room in your home would you like to give a makeover?


written by Liz Jarvis


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13 Responses to I HATE our bathroom!

  1. Mary Poppins says:

    Liz I would love to make over my lounge, my bedroom, my kitchen, my dining room, my en-suite, the upstairs bathroom, the almost finished children’s attic bedrooms, the list goes on and one ;0) We are refurbishing our home, lots of building work *sigh* *sob* Ohooo to have a finished room. Ah well, it is the people in a house that make it a home, so shall plod on, we shall get there and it shall all be worth it. We are going for a sweet tongue n groove country look in the bathroom upstairs, with some pretty shabby chic accessories. Good luck with yours X

  2. Mary Poppins says:

    Ha! Did I say my bedroom, I meant OUR bedroom. Can you see I make all the decorating choices around here, maybe with a sprinkling of his input ;0)

  3. Paula @ Battling On says:

    Maybe if we combined our houses we’d be ok – the bathroom is the only room that we’ve completely finished in the three years since we moved into the house. So like MP I have to say pretty much every other room needs a makeover. Great offer btw x

  4. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    Where would I start more like it? Well, our bathroom could use a good makeover and SHOWER! We have NO SHOWER!!!! I hate that…Grrr. Our bedrooms are too small to make over properly but I suppose what I’d love to have done would be to knock through from our kitchen and make a GIANT kitchen/diner. I’d have a lovely island in the middle of the kitchen and a FUN POD for Little Miss so we could cook more together. Then I’d knock out the HEINOUS fireplace in the lounge and put one in the wall…a funky, modern one. I’d also slap a conservatory on the back of the house as well. What’s my budget?

  5. New Mummy says:

    I would would like to do so much to our house, double it in size would be a good start. We’ve just painted our bathroom, a few years back OH had to put a bath in as we didn’t have one just a shower, however its not actually big enough for a bath. I’d like a huge kitchen like Karin, its my dream when we move to get a big kitchen. My living room & kitchen are open planned but its still too small.

  6. JulieB @ The Sardine Tin says:

    We’ve lived in our current house three years, in which time our main focus has been getting planning permission to knock down our ancient, dilapidated single garage and replace with a nice new double. As we live in a conservation area, it has been a struggle with the planners. Our excuse for not starting anything else has therefore been that we want to get this out of the way first. In the meantime the rest of the house is starting to look shabby… Building work starts on 1st June, hoorah. We have a typically small cramped Victorian kitchen at the back of the house, so assuming we ever get any money again after that, I would love to knock through into a huge kitchen diner.

  7. KerryPickle says:

    Hi LIz, I think most of us have lived in a house with a room we detest at some point. In a way it’s better if the room is truly hideous, that way your visitors know that you can’t possibly be responsible for it’s decor! I have lived with a chocolate brown bathroom suit and flowery beige tiles in the past, and a 30 year old kitchen where the extractor fan literally fell off the wall…. I’d really like to see a pic of your bathroom……

  8. notSupermum says:

    I sympathise Liz. We moved into this house 13 years ago and I’ve only just had my disgusting bathroom renovated – but it’s lovely now! Still need to add some finishing touches, but it makes such a difference – and no more apologising to visitors for the state of the bathroom.

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  10. Expat Mum says:

    I don’t know about do-over; just "finish" something would be nice. We moved into this house when the little guy was 6 months old. We had totally gutted it and rebuilt it on the inside. Thus, lovely newish home – all to be furnished. Most of the rooms could now do with another lick of paint, (and plastering where various family members have caused dings), but the guest room has never been given much love and attention. It looks like a hospital ward. OK, that’s it, at least a few nice cusions on the chair would help.

  11. YummyNo1 says:

    Without any hesitation I would change of kitchen. I hate it! We inheritated it when we moved to this house three years ago and although there is nothing wrong with it as such, it is just soooo not my taste. It’s not an old kitchen, in fact it was only put in months before we bought the house but it is awful and also really badly planned out too to to make it even more hateful! Unfortunately we’re just not in a position to change it at the moment – we have done every other room in the house and the kitchen has been pushed to the end of the list just because of the sheer cost! Oh well, one day I might get my dream kitchen *sigh*

  12. ella @ notes from home says:

    Definitely the kitchen! It’s served us well but it needs to go! Actually I’d like to extend it as well so there was play area at one end for the children to play because I spend so much time in there.

  13. Pants With Names says:

    Our bathroom. Moved back into the house and remembered that I really hate it. On list of things to do… sometime next decade I imagine!


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