I want these shoes!

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 You know how the Little Princess wants what she wants, when she wants it? A potty, a story, and so on?



They’re by Irregular Choice and they’re available right now (but not for long, I’d imagine) from Next.
I love the Cortesan shoes (£65)…



the Patty shoes (£70)…   and the Itsy Bitsy sandals (£70).


I don’t care if I can’t wear them until spring. I don’t care if they’re probably quite impractical. I really do want a pair of these shoes.


written by Liz Jarvis


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6 Responses to I want these shoes!

  1. Baby Genie says:

    I own two pairs of Irregular Choice shoes, a corsage pair and a green froggy brooch pair, they are incredibly beautiful and I adore them!

  2. jay says:

    Irregular Choice do some of the best shoes I have EVER SEEN. I have a pair of Whimsical Meow boots and I swear – I would sleep in them if I knew it wouldn’t wreck the sheets. I love those £65 Cortesan shoes…. mmmm…. *drools*

  3. Chris at Thinly Spread says:


  4. Baby Genie says:

    I have two pairs of Irregular Choice shoes, one corsage pair and one green froggy brooch pair, they are both to die for and I adore them!

  5. Yuckymum says:

    You’re talking my language! I have a couple of pairs (one of which doesn’t fit…but I don’t care!), but love looking at them even if I don’t wear them…a vision to behold. They’re my replacement ornaments!!!

  6. Rosie Scribble says:

    Very nice, although I think the Patty shoes look a bit Spice Girls!


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