If she was your child

Last week Esther Rantzen wrote an ‘open letter’ to Kate and Gerry McCann which made me ashamed for her.

The idea that any of us – including Esther – have the right to tell the McCanns how they should feel is just ridiculous. The tone and content of her letter wasn’t just insensitive and patronising. It was downright distasteful.

None of us can imagine how the McCanns feel. What we do know is that they will continue looking for their daughter and appealing for information and help  for as long as it takes.

And if she was my child, if she was your child, we’d do the same.

So I hope you’ll join me in taking a few minutes for Madeleine, to remind people why the search and appeal for information continues.

It’s the least we can do.

written by Liz Jarvis