I’m having a grrr day

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Everything seems to be conspiring to make me cross today. There are around 50 unexplained phone calls on our home phone bill to numbers none of us recognise, my mobile needs replacing even though it's only two months old, the internet keeps crashing, the baby foxes in next door's ridiculously overgrown garden won't stop crying (it's an awful, pitiful sound that goes on all through the night) a cheque I have been waiting for hasn't arrived (but five lots of junk mail did) and despite my best efforts the puppy point blank refuses to wee anywhere other than in the hall. My mum rang and said she was going to Sainsbury's and did I want her to get me anything? I told her what I needed – two items – and she argued with both of them. See what I mean?

OK, so obviously these are small fry compared to real problems, but what do you do when you're having a grrr day? Do you hide under the duvet and hope it will be over? Or do you tackle everything head on? Let me know. Maybe then I'll feel a bit better.

written by Liz Jarvis


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14 Responses to I’m having a grrr day

  1. clareybabble says:

    I have days like this all the time. I find tackling it gets me through it, even though I hate it. But it makes me feel better afterwards. Plus I don’t get time for a duvet day 😉 Hope things start looking up soon xxx

  2. teamvaughan says:

    Days like this drive me mental. I sort the thing thats most important first. For me that would be the dog peeing on the floor…shut to dog out so it can pee in the garden and maybe it will distract the baby foxes for a bit?? (Like Cbeebies). Google a couple of the mystery numbers and see what pops up. Return the junk mail to sender so you get knocked off the list for the next mail-shot. Give the cheque another day. Carphone Warehouse have PAYG mobiles for £4.95 at the moment get one to tide you over until your proper phone is sorted. As for Mothers…you can’t live with them and you can’t kill them. Shall I put the kettle on for you and open a packet of custard creams?? x

  3. Sam says:

    It must be something in the air – I’m having one of those moments and I decided that just for one day I would shut myself away from the whole world, have a long luxurious bath, smooth over some glorious body cream and snuggle up in my dressing gown in front of CBeebies with my little girl – with plenty of chocolate and camomile tea. I’ve even got my neighbour to pick up my son from school – there’s bound to be a torrential rainfall somewhere around 3pm, it’s just the way these days go sometimes.

  4. zooarchaeologist says:

    Welcome to my everyday life. I find a large bar of chocolate helps xx

  5. TheMadHouse says:

    Oh I hate days like that. We too are waiting on cash – it is such a pain it stops everything and makes me a grumpy person!! I hope your day improves or tomorrow is better

  6. Vic @ glowstars.net says:

    what zooarchaeologist neglected to mention is that the 1kg large bars of chocolate help the best!

  7. Mummy Zen says:

    Those kinds of days can be really frustrating! I think ignoring all the annoying issues and doing something completely different to take your mind off it all helps feel less grrr. Even just sitting down for a quiet cup of tea and some of that chocolate the others have suggested might be good to calm and relax you a bit so you feel ready to tackle just one of those things today and then deal with the rest tomorrow.

  8. Brit In Bosnia says:

    Take out the dog for a long bracing walk, on my own if possible. Just amazing how a bit of headspace in fresh air helps you to cope. On the days that isn’t possible (ie most days) I struggle on through and then have a glass of wine and a good moan at the husband. Who then remembers that sometimes I need to have some outside alone time and then the above can happen. Hope your day improves! x

  9. Muummmeeeee! says:

    Brit in Bosnia has got it spot on – nothing like a good long walk with the dogs (definitely on your own) followed by a rant at the husband later on while drinking a very large glass of Pinot (or two)…

  10. Liz (LivingwithKids) says:

    Thanks everyone for your fab suggestions. I think as I’ve just been given yet more antibiotics by the GP for the never ending after effects of the dreaded SF I may have been feeling run down. To coin a phrase… tomorrow is another day.

  11. MummyTips says:

    And I thought that this was just my life! Head down and keep going. It’s the only thing you can do. xx Tell your mum to skip the groceries and opt for a box of wine instead. Though on reflection this was possibly what she was objecting to?? xx

  12. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    Good question!! Your grrr day does indeed sound very grrr. I look forward to getting my pj’s on at 7pm (I know I know, I don’t go out much!), getting into my warm bed, and watching the telly. I’ve had one or two grrr days recently but without sounding too corny, reading blogs and being an active member of BMB has actually cheered me up. CJ xx

  13. Emily O says:

    I hope today’s been better! When I’m having one of those days I battle through it with a grim look on my face and when the children are in bed I have long, hot bath with a glass of wine (very small glass of wine at the moment!).

  14. Victoria Riedl says:

    Honestly, what I do if I am having one of those days is go onto high alert with a slightly deranged look on my face and not know which way to turn. I will then take out my frustrations on a) Mr Scruff (the husband), b) a bottle of pinot grigio or c) John Humphries (seriously he’d wind up a rag doll). As for the foxes and the argumentative mother…i hear you loud and clear


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