I’m having a grrr day

Everything seems to be conspiring to make me cross today. There are around 50 unexplained phone calls on our home phone bill to numbers none of us recognise, my mobile needs replacing even though it's only two months old, the internet keeps crashing, the baby foxes in next door's ridiculously overgrown garden won't stop crying (it's an awful, pitiful sound that goes on all through the night) a cheque I have been waiting for hasn't arrived (but five lots of junk mail did) and despite my best efforts the puppy point blank refuses to wee anywhere other than in the hall. My mum rang and said she was going to Sainsbury's and did I want her to get me anything? I told her what I needed – two items – and she argued with both of them. See what I mean?

OK, so obviously these are small fry compared to real problems, but what do you do when you're having a grrr day? Do you hide under the duvet and hope it will be over? Or do you tackle everything head on? Let me know. Maybe then I'll feel a bit better.

written by Liz Jarvis