I’m not pregnant, I’m FAT!

As humiliating moments go, there can be few guaranteed to make you more red-faced than when an old man offers you a seat on a train and gestures towards your stomach.

Do you a)scowl b)nod and say no politely or c) scream and yell 'I'M NOT PREGNANT!' at the top of your voice?

OK, of course I'm far too well brought up to do a) or c) so I went for b). But it did spur me into action, which is why I've been doing Slim-Fast for the past week.

I'm also conscious that at the end of April I'm going away with five friends and we will definitely be wearing swimsuits for much of the break.

Wish me luck. 6Ib down, only 'xx' to go.

written by Liz Jarvis