I’m not pregnant, I’m FAT!

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As humiliating moments go, there can be few guaranteed to make you more red-faced than when an old man offers you a seat on a train and gestures towards your stomach.

Do you a)scowl b)nod and say no politely or c) scream and yell 'I'M NOT PREGNANT!' at the top of your voice?

OK, of course I'm far too well brought up to do a) or c) so I went for b). But it did spur me into action, which is why I've been doing Slim-Fast for the past week.

I'm also conscious that at the end of April I'm going away with five friends and we will definitely be wearing swimsuits for much of the break.

Wish me luck. 6Ib down, only 'xx' to go.

written by Liz Jarvis


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17 Responses to I’m not pregnant, I’m FAT!

  1. Becky says:

    been there its not a nice feeling…

  2. English Mum says:

    Pffft. Must just have been a dodgy angle from where he was looking. Not one single one of us has a flat stomach in reality (except Posh, maybe, and would you want to look like her?!) x

  3. JFB says:

    I’ve always had a fear that someoen could do that to me (mistake me for a preggers lady). It is of course completely ridiculous in either of our cases (LOL!). Well done with the diet. Really envious!

  4. Natalie says:

    Happened to me a few months back. I did actually say ‘I’m not pregnant; I just have a tummy left over…" to which she said "Oh no! You’re not fat! Look at how skinny you are!" Backpeddling central. As I’m not keen on her I said "I can’t be that skinny if you thought I was pregnant…". It’s a horrid feeling. I’d say have an eclair to feel better but I won’t disrupt your swimsuit plan!

  5. TheMadHouse says:

    Oh I know this all too well, I look like a pregnant drag queen with no boobs, even a nurse this week asked me!

  6. samantha says:

    been there too – and bizarrely when i was actually pregnant i was never offered a seat! so now I just don’t use tube – still asked how long I had to go in tesco’s recently – so shop online now. Turning into a fat hermit…

  7. Rachel says:

    Yes, this hideousness has also happened to me- the gas man asked me when it was due……..I just looked down and said- Oh that, no that’s just flab…..he looked mortified……….having been pregnant with triplets, its obligatory for me to have a bit of a spare-tyre….tummy tucks ahoy!!

  8. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    It does sound annoying and once I would have done b) too. However, if a man was willing to give up his seat for me on the train these days I’d snatch his hand off. They’re few and far between. CJ xx p.s. good luck with the slimming, I could do with doing it myself!

  9. Wendy Mallins says:

    I was told in the dentist a few years ago (and a few stone heavier) that I was eligible for free dental care whilst pregnant…. I lost weight!

  10. marathonmummy says:

    I was standing outside preschool with no4 in arms when someone I hadn’t seen for ages appeared. ‘Oh, you are brave!’ ‘Four children isn’t as hard as you’d think, you know’ I replied, smugly. ‘So you thought you’d go for number five? You’re a glutton for punishment!’ I never wore that smock top again, and I’ve been fighting a war against my recalcitrant stomach muscles ever since. I think it happens to us all.

  11. nomorexcuses says:

    Good luck Liz! I think we should all start a list of great one-liners as a response in this situation! I promise you can re-claim your tummy… get some moral support here with my latest victim Sue 🙂 http://pregnancyfitnessinsurrey.com/no-more-mummy-tummy-the-challenge.html

  12. Nat says:

    Mortified! I’d of taken the seat lol swimsuit er you go girl lol I left those back in Australia lol

  13. Kat says:

    I have taught my husband not to inquire about a woman’s due date unless he physically sees a baby exiting her body.

  14. chrissie says:

    I get asked this all the time. I laugh and say it is fat but it really hurts. I go to the gym, do stomach exercises and am eating healthy but still look pregnant! I don’t know what else I can do!

  15. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    Well, my dear, I know you know that I can relate to this, hence my Mummy Tummy Begone campaign! It’s humiliating and horrifying all in that split second. My only justification was that the person who asked me when my "next one was due" was MORTIFIED! You’re always welcome to join our campaign by the way…this week: Fat Busters with the Guru, Wendy Powell! 😉 http://cafebebe.co.uk/2010/03/fat-busters-with-the-guru/

  16. marcy says:

    Having had 5 kids i have more than my fair share of baby pacakging,and the ‘White Cliffs of Dover’ over hang from having has 3 sections, is too much too bare. So now i can breathe in and hold, as i did observe 2 women in the supermarket, who had not seen each other for a while and 1 rubbed the others tummy, the look on her face having had her ‘fat not pregnant ‘ belly rubbed was pure gold, i wish i could of overheard the reply but no1 women was crimson

  17. Julie Murdoch says:

    I was in Tesco shopping a couple of weeks ago and I saw someone that I have not seen in a long time. He looked at me and then tapped me on the tummy and said "so what have you been eating" expecting me to say oh I’m pregnant again…..I felt so sick when I had to tell him I wasn’t pregnant 🙁


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