In Praise Of Teachers

All the mums at the school gate seem to be suffering from end of term fatigue. This is manifesting itself as grumpiness, big sunglasses and a refusal to make eye contact. In my case it’s arriving as late as possible before the bell goes so I don’t have to make much small talk. I see a similar pattern happening to the kids, with one child this morning setting off a domino effect of crying along the lines of I-Don’t-Want-To-Go-To school. Though I have to say despite the malaise spreading across the playground my own experience of the first year at school has been pretty wonderful thanks to my daughter’s amazing reception teacher who is so lovely I want her to be my teacher. Apart from being kind and patient, this young woman has put so much time and effort into (1) making the children in her class feel at ease and (2) teaching them everything from how to read, to how to pay attention and the one she deserves a medal for how to listen! I have always had respect for teachers, but since reception started I have started to get a glimpse into the huge workload  teachers have and how many go beyond the call of duty. Apart from reminding me of all the great teachers I had along my own education path, I am amazed that my daughter’s teacher has the stamina to deal with 30 children of differing backgrounds and personalities all day long, week in and week out and still make them all feel counted. Which is why I hate the way people generally slate teachers and the perception that teachers have it so easy (Gove take note). Their days don’t begin at 9 and end at 3:30 (just go into school late and you’ll see this isn’t the case) and they aren’t just in it for the 6-week summer break (really would you work that hard all day for the lure of a 6 week break?). Also I’m thinking if I have end of term fatigue I am sure they do too, except unlike me, they’re all too professional to show it. But what do you think of teachers? Are you a fan like me? Let me know.