Is it really women’s fault our kids are fat?

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Honestly I don’t know why I read the Daily Fail but there’s an utterly ridiculous article on their website today by someone called Rose Prince who claims that we have feminism to thank ‘for the spread of fast-food chains and an epidemic of childhood obesity.’ Basically, she's saying that because women started wising up about equality, we stopped cooking proper food for our families, started relying on convenience food, and made our kids fat.

What utter hogwash. My mum was a proper banner-waving women’s libber but she always cooked for us. We grew up eating coq au vin and chile con carne and all those classic Seventies dishes (and very nice they were too). And let's face it, long before there were equal opportunities, there have always been chips.

Childhood obesity is a problem because of the proliferation of fast food restaurants – something that started in car-obsessed US and because our kids have become more insular. I doubt whether women who stuff their kids full of junk food do it because they refuse to cook on the grounds it undermines their position. More likely because they can't be bothered.

But I’d love to know what you think. Does it really follow that because you believe in equality at home and in the workplace, you don’t believe in cooking for your family? What's really making our kids fat?

written by Liz Jarvis


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7 Responses to Is it really women’s fault our kids are fat?

  1. Naomi says:

    I don’t agree. A lot of my friends work, have a good partnership with their husbands and always cook fresh and healthy food. I don’t think equality has anything to do with it. Women generally choose what their children eat but it is the snacks I think that add weight on in between meals not necessarily the meals themselves.

  2. Anna says:

    when i look back to my childhood we walked lots and played out on the street my mom cooked great meals and we always had a pud.

  3. Whimsical Wife says:

    Well… a little while back I had the pleasure of overhearing an interesting debate by two old ladies. It went along the lines of *modern women* are responsible for the downfall of society, increase in crime, fat children, breakdown of family life etc. In their day when women stayed at home they were part of communities, chatting over the fence as they pegged out washing and scrubbed the step with carbolic, they made the community strong, nowadays women don’t even know who their neighbours are, let alone would they chat or help them out – therefore them working has brought about the demise of community and caused more children to be out committing crime instead of being looked after properly by their own and half a dozen other mothers. The conversation went on… if mothers weren’t out working all the hours God sends they’d have proper time to cook proper food and see to their children and therefore there would be non of this fat laziness and TV obsessed culture and children wouldn’t have these *newfangled* complaints such as attention disorder and diabetes…. And they were brought up at ‘ome none of this nursery lark…. …. and on… it’s these working women’s fault there are no corner shops and a bus trip is necessary to a supermarket to buy basic food… back in the day they could walk to the shop and get it on tick…. ….. and there was none of this divorce business, you got married, you made it work and you looked after your husband… no wonder so many of them go off, with their wives working all day and a plate of warmed up plastic food to come home too… …. My bus came, I got on… You should perhaps find some octogenarians and ask them there opinion on women working and family life… or like me catch buses it’s amazing what you pick up at a bus stop…. *please note this is an overheard conversation… not my personal opinion* 🙂

  4. Pants With Names says:

    I think a lot of the problem stems from the fact that many people (men and women) have not been taught how to cook. Schools don’t teach you how to cook, and many parents now don’t know so can’t teach their kids.

  5. Baby Genie says:

    What a load of piffle!!! Kids are fat because parents are lazy not because of feminism!!! Pah, nothing like a newspaper article like this to get one going!!!! Children are obese because fast food is so readily available and convenient and McDonalds try and make their chicken salad sound healthy. Children are obese because mothers blame everything and anything for not having the time to cook, and then declare that their children don’t like veg because they give in at the first sniff of dislike! That’s my two pennies anyway!

  6. Suzie Grogan @keatsbabe says:

    These articles infuriate me. How can they possibly link the two? My mum always cooked for us, but if I think about the amount of fat in the rissoles, fritters, pork chops, buttery mash, pies, cakes and biscuits…. We just walked everywhere though. Miles and miles to parks, shops etc. It is too easy to hop in the car, and quite frankly it all started in the late 70’s. I blame McDonalds and Thatcher.

  7. Janet says:

    Yep I heard this too. Phew. Where to begin. Most people I know share the cooking. The bigger problem is the design and arrangement of our cities and towns. No safe cycling / walking to school. Children are not out as much just running about – most of their activity seems to take place in very controlled/inside environments. That is not healthy. Are children fat because of the proliferation of fast food restos? Maybe, but we don’t have to take them there. If you eat out even in a proper restaurant, there is often a kids menu which disappointingly consists of burgers and chips/nuggets and chips etc. Not so in France – you just get mini portions of proper food. Why not here?


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