Is It Worth Getting Fit before Christmas?

With the countdown to Christmas in full swing I’m wondering is it worth getting fit now or waiting for January? And the million dollar question is, if I do decide to go for it will I be able to avoid the chocolates on the Christmas tree, offers of mulled wine and the inevitable selection of mince pies everywhere I go? “Wait!” say half of my friends, typically those who eat mince pies for breakfast and still wear skinny jeans. “Do it now” says another who is guilty of raiding her kids advent calendars when they are at school! The sad thing is I used to be able to avoid all the Christmas novelty food quite willingly. Only two years ago before my second pregnancy I ran up steep hills by choice, and lifted things heavier than my weekly shop every day. These days while I can walk the mile to school and not pass out I think I probably have a higher fat content than a pork scratching. Bearing this in mind this week I sought the advice of a some professionals. Firstly a personal trainer who supposedly specializes in helping mums. He suggested working out for 90 minutes a day at least three times a week. I know he’s right but show me a mum who can find 9 minutes alone a day never mind the requisite 90. The nutritionist I spoke to suggested the 5 – 8 small meals a day approach and offered Gwyneth Paltrow style ‘delights’ such as homemade corn muffins and super power salads with vegetables I know I’ll never find in Sainsbury’s. The truth is I know the secret to getting fit. It is simple hard work but I do wish someone would tell me how to find the time to exercise, and prepare healthy snacks in between working and mothering and domestic goddess duties because the truth is my mind needs it as much as my body. Does anyone have any good tips on how to stay fit and healthy? Please share if you do.