Is it Wrong To Pierce The Ears Of Babies?

Is it cruel to pierce a baby or young child’s ears? The subject has raised it’s head again with some parents going so far as to say getting an infant’s ear pierced is akin to giving them a tattoo and cruel to boot as it can cause pain and infection. The reality is ear piercing is perfectly safe and about as painful as a quick vaccination shot, especially when performed at a proper place and by a trained person. As for it being the same as a tattoo, I think that’s ridiculous. For starters tattoos are permanent (and you can’t get a tattoo until you are 18 years in the UK) whereas if a child grows up and doesn’t want pierced ears, they can simply take their earrings out. As for whether you should get your baby or child’s ears pierced, I think that’s up to parents. I had my own ears pierced at 5 years due to cultural traditions. It never really bothered me either way and now days I hardly wear earrings of give having pierced ears a thought. Personally I don’t like the look of infants with pierced ears BUT that’s my own opinion and I’d certainly never say that to a mum who’s chosen to do it. So why does this subject cause such anger and nastiness? I think it’s because some people put it down to parental vanity, while others just simply believe we don’t have the right to make decisions like this for our kids and should wait until they are ready to say yes or no to it. But what do you think? Is piercing a baby’s ears wrong or no one’s business but the parents? Let us know.