Is Your Man Bad At Housework?

It’s the first day of Spring and what better day then to hear about a survey on spring cleaning. Or rather on how many of us apparently spend hours redoing the household jobs that men mess up. According to a Sainsbury’s survey of 2000 women while the good news is men do more household chores than ever before, we’re still complaining. It seems many women aren’t satisfied by their loved one’s efforts and feel they have to redo the jobs as it isn’t up to standards. A third said their men leave sofa cushions in a mess while 32 per cent don’t make beds properly and 28% leave the kitchen in a state with food splatters all over the oven. The laundry causes the biggest amount of annoyance with many women feeling men have a poor ability to hang clothes, separate the dark clothes from whites and generally fold clothes neatly. I have to admit my husband and I often fall out over household chores, usually because I am accused of not doing things properly. For instance I always forget to separate whites and colours and hate unloading the dishwasher. What do I feel he does badly? Not much. Not because he’s perfect but because having grown up watching my own mother do everything I am happy to be married to someone who just gets on with it and shares whatever is that needs to be done without asking. I do have a very good friend who does moan constantly about her husband’s uselessness in the kitchen and laundry area and part of me feels it’s about her wanting to be in control at home. After all if standards matter so much over sofa cushions and who cleans the cooker the best, then I think she should probably just do it herself (which is exactly what has happened). On the other hand my husband’s friend recently admitted (after one beer too many and in front of his very annoyed wife) that he does jobs badly on purpose so he doesn’t get asked again but I like to think his neanderthal thinking is in the minority. But what do you think? Does your husband/partner’s housework skills annoy you? Let me know.