Isn’t blogging supposed to be fun?

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I absolutely love blogging, as you can probably tell; I love the fact that you can write a post and get a reaction from other parents, and you can share your thoughts and ideas with so many people at once. I’m also making some fantastic friends through blogging, and of course I’ve been given lots of opportunities. Blogging is fun!

Except that this week saw the most appalling meltdown in the blogosphere with the launch of a ‘gossip blog’ intended to settle old scores, for want of a better phrase. The subsequent fallout was a car crash.

To me, blogging shouldn’t be about trying to score points over each other, or spread rumours; it shouldn’t be about blagging, or obsessing about charts. Yes there are perks, but it's about much more than that. Blogging is a chance to communicate with other parents and share your experiences of this journey we’re all on. If you’re not enjoying it, if you’re not thinking ‘what will the readers get out of this?’ instead of ‘what will I get out of this?’, you’re probably not in the right place.

And if you don’t have a blog yet, and you’re thinking of starting one, you might like to read these tips  I wrote.  And then re read the first paragraph of this post.

written by Liz Jarvis


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11 Responses to Isn’t blogging supposed to be fun?

  1. What Did She Say? says:

    Liz, I couldn’t agree more and I wrote a post earlier in the week about the fallout here I think we sometimes need to remember, like you say, it’s supposed to be fun. Who’d pick a hobby that made them feel rubbish? Well said, that woman! Tina x

  2. Rachael (Tales from the Village) says:

    It’s hideously dull, isn’t it? I don’t want to listen to people droning on about who has done what and to whom. I want to read funny, interesting, touching and (or – I’m not expecting all of the above!) informative blog posts by people who have something to say.

  3. Lorraine The Party Times says:

    Relatively new to all of this but my view is that blogging is about sharing experiences and offering an insight into your world which other people can relate to, laugh with you about xxx

  4. Mummy Matters says:

    Totally agree with you, this gossip blog is such playground stuff, I thought we were all supposed to be adults. I’m pleased to say so far I haven’t been touched by any of the bitching and backstabbing that goes on. But very soon it will affect everyone because we will al be tarred with the same brush. At the moment mummy bloggers are are seen as innovative and ‘the future’ but that will soon change to yet another bunch of catty women!

  5. This Mid 30s Life says:

    I’ve heard bits and bobs about this and have been really surprised (without knowing much about it). I’m new to blogging and have honestly only ever encountered positivity and support. I’m not saying that everybody who reads my blog likes it, of course not. But there is a real community of bloggers out there that I didn’t even know existed, and it’s been a welcome surprise.

  6. Toybuzz says:

    I’m relatively new to the bloging community, although I’ve been writing the site for nearly 2 years I’ve only just signed up to all the forums and got myself more involved. I’ve yet to meet up with other bloggers and was looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully making friendships. This whole experience has made me doubt how involved I actually want to get, as at the moment no one knows me so I know I’m in the clear and no-ones going to write about me. I feel sad it’s made me feel like this, but I am definitely feeling more hesitant to get more involved.

  7. Aly says:

    I read lots of blogs, not just parenting ones and so find this latest episode very odd behaviour to come from supposedly responsible adult(s) who are bringing up children.I blocked the ‘person(s)’ with in minutes, not worth my time.I have to say the parent blogging community is very supportive and I couldn’t of done without them our the last few weeks.Always there to pick me up, pass on information and even the virtual hugs and asking how you are mean a lot.Let’s just call this a blip and just carry on as before.

  8. jay (@cosmicgirlie) says:

    I find blogging really ironic now. I’ve been blogging for over 3 years, on the very same blog, and for the first 2 years I was pretty much completely unknown. Then I started to make some wonderful friends, meeting them in real life and becoming part of a community – these to me suddenly became fantastic "perks". Having recently been targeted and attacked (and I’m still trying to figure out why, exactly, when I’ve given all the info I can give), the sense of community has left me wondering if I’d be happy to have carried on as an "unknown". I should stress that I write my blog for me and my boys, I don’t particularly write for other people (which would be impossible because I’d never have one particular writing style) so I DO write with a view of "what will I get out of this". If I don’t get anything from my own blogging, no cathartic sense of relief, no memories of my life as a mom and my babies, THEN I am no longer in the right place, and should probably stop. Maybe that’s part of the problem though – I leave myself open so perhaps people see an easy target? That’s a shame, when I’d much rather people see me or my blog as someone they might be able to relate to, and say "thank god I’m not alone". For what it’s worth, I’m enjoying myself much more now that I’ve withdrawn back into my own blog again, and only connecting with the very few people that I trust. x

  9. Lamamalicious says:

    Hi all, I am completel new to blogging too. Niavely I started out as I wanted to share my experience of being a first time mum. Its all very light-hearted and very open, not necessary informative and there are some spelling mistakes lol but I hope people can relate to some experiences and read to gain an insight to what am about as a person. I certainly do not expect to be judged badly/wrongly because people see me as an open target just because I am letting people in. Like Jay I write for my memories as well as for my boy one day, its fun and I allow myself to enjoy and be proud of what I am doing. It is sad when people use it as an opportunity to vent out their takes the enjoyment out of it and can make a person feel low and there is just no need for that. Trouble is some people will always remain the playground!!

  10. Vonnie says:

    Is it wrong to be quite relieved by the car crash blogging this week? After all, if that’s what passes for sanity then I’m clearly more sane than I thought!

  11. Mummy's Little Monkey says:

    What the heck has been going on in the Twitterverse recently??? So many dramas it feels more like a soap opera than a supportive community at the mo. I don’t get it – why do women always try to tear each other down??? And so publicly?? It all just seems a bit ‘school playground’ Me no likey 🙁


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