Isn’t blogging supposed to be fun?

I absolutely love blogging, as you can probably tell; I love the fact that you can write a post and get a reaction from other parents, and you can share your thoughts and ideas with so many people at once. I’m also making some fantastic friends through blogging, and of course I’ve been given lots of opportunities. Blogging is fun!

Except that this week saw the most appalling meltdown in the blogosphere with the launch of a ‘gossip blog’ intended to settle old scores, for want of a better phrase. The subsequent fallout was a car crash.

To me, blogging shouldn’t be about trying to score points over each other, or spread rumours; it shouldn’t be about blagging, or obsessing about charts. Yes there are perks, but it's about much more than that. Blogging is a chance to communicate with other parents and share your experiences of this journey we’re all on. If you’re not enjoying it, if you’re not thinking ‘what will the readers get out of this?’ instead of ‘what will I get out of this?’, you’re probably not in the right place.

And if you don’t have a blog yet, and you’re thinking of starting one, you might like to read these tips  I wrote.  And then re read the first paragraph of this post.

written by Liz Jarvis