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When I was growing up one of my favourite toys was my Ballerina Sindy. She wasn't very different from a normal Sindy (apart from the tutu) but what she could do was 'point' her feet. Unfortunately, her ankle quickly snapped, resulting in feet that would neither bend nor go flat. (Many of my friends' Sindys had the same joint problem so I know it wasn't just me making her practice Swan Lake again and again.)

Today's kids are really spoiled for choice in the toy department, and as Woody and Jessie found out, it's not enough just to look good, you have to have a little more going on if you want to keep this discerning generation entertained.

Of the current crop of dolls, most of whom come with their own interactive computer games, one of the best has to be the Moxie Girlz™ (!), who are on a mission to encourage 'positive attitude and confidence'. Moxie comes in various styles and with various talents, but six-year-old Elsa's favourite is 'Avery', shown here in her 'Art-titude' guise (£19.99). It's not just her fashion sense (although really love those flower-patterned leathers) – but she also comes with her own motorbike and coloured markers. (In your face, Ballerina Sindy).


Moxie girls 

Meanwhile little ones will absolutely love the fabulous WotWots, made popular by the Channel5 series. These plush toys are cute and soft, of course, but they also sing, giggle and make adorable sounds. Spotty is blue and Dotty is pink, and I can imagine any child would be thrilled to receive either one on Christmas Day (suitable for 18 months plus, £17.99).

You can get both toys from Toys 'R' Us  – which is celebrating its 25th Christmas this year (I know, I can still remember the theme tune to the advert – if you're too young, it's being shown again on TV tonight).

Over the next few weeks I'll be highlighting lots of the best toys to find under the tree this Christmas – but meanwhile, what were your favourite toys when you were a kid? Anyone else have a Ballerina Sindy?

written by Liz Jarvis


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6 Responses to It’s all about the toys

  1. Sam says:

    I had a Sindy (no ankle problems) and a Farrah Fawcett (definite hair trouble), but my favourite had to be Tiny Tears. My sister and I had one each and they each had a beautiful blue crib, which I always kept very neat. The only way we could tell the difference was because my sister’s doll’s hair was a mess – or it had biro scrawled all over it and her crib was always in a terrible state…not much fighting went on there then…

  2. Liz@Violetposy says:

    The toys that stick in my memory are Ballerina Sindy, Girls World – I loved being able to colour in her hair and best of all my red Grifter which I loved more than anything 🙂

  3. jayne howarth says:

    I had both Barbie and Sindy, but adored my Ballerina Sindy, which was infinitely superior to the ordinary doll. Unfortunately she suffered from splits to the back of her knees due to some unfortunate and over enthusiastic bendage on my part. Her ankles also broke, thanks to my insistence on correct deportment. I still adored her, despite her inability to dance.

  4. TheMadHouse says:

    I too had a Balerina Sindy. I remember my petite typewritter with fondness and my minimixer. I too had a grifter, but mine was green!! I had a lovley bontempi organ that my little brother covered in glitter nail varnish too!

  5. Tattie Weasle says:

    If I said I opted for the Lone Ranger Action toy with all the horses would anyone know what I was on about or am I just too wierd?

  6. Bev says:

    Anyone remember Pippa dolls?


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