It’s been one of THOSE weeks

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You know when you have one of those days where you wish you could just crawl back under the duvet and forget about everything and try again tomorrow? A grrr day?

Well I've had one of those weeks. A grrr week.

On Monday, during a rare break in the rain, I left the back door open. When I opened the front door to the postman it blew shut, smashing the glass all over the floor. Queue cut feet and fingers (mine) and endless phone calls to the insurance company.

On Tuesday we discovered we have mould in the kitchen. Given the kitchen was only fitted two summers ago this is not great news. The mould is all over the external wall and it looks like a drainpipe needs replacing.

On Wednesday I realised the tumble dryer door had broken. It still works but the door won't stay shut (is this dangerous?) It's no longer under guarantee and the manufacturers quoted me £150 to come and fix it (um… the price of a new dryer?!)

And yesterday I managed to knock a bottle of favourite perfume on the floor, smashing the glass everywhere. Queue cut feet (again).

But then a friend told me she has Breast Cancer. We have boys the same age, she is just a year older than me. She has shaved her hair in prep for the chemo and told me cancer 'wouldn't dare' take her on, the mood she's in.

Now that puts everything in perspective.

written by Liz Jarvis


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14 Responses to It’s been one of THOSE weeks

  1. says:

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  2. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    Well, that will certainly put a person’s week in perspective won’t it? But it still doesn’t make your week any less rubbish. Maybe think about it this way…it can’t get any worse?? And you are leaving for the TRIP OF A LIFETIME as well! Wee!

  3. Dawn says:

    What an awful week, definitely time to stay in bed. Hope your friend does ok

  4. Natalie says:

    Eek! That’s a tough week and I’m also sorry to hear about your friend – it sounds like cancer had better watch out as she’s planning to beat it. Life is strange that way. Obviously it doesn’t change your frustrating week, but you’ll deal with these things. (((HUGS))) On another note – We had an incident with our washing machine a couple of months back. Was going to shell out hundreds of pounds for a new one as I objected to a minimum charge of £100 per hour – a local washing machine expert came out and fixed it in minutes – £55. Worth checking around.

  5. TheMadHouse says:

    My thoughts are with your friend, for a really positive blog on Breast Cancer pop over to It is a great, but honest read. I too have weeks and sometimes months like that!

  6. Victoria says:

    Crap. Sorry. Hope your friend’s OK. And you x

  7. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    A grrr week indeed; sorry to hear about your friend, it certainly makes us think. I don’t know where these engineers get their prices from; they must think women are stupid or something. CJ xx

  8. samantha says:

    I had a week like that fairly recently as it happens – though all problems surrounded one thing – car accident. We’re all OK and now we have car back it’s all forgotten – almost. Really hope things work out for your friend.

  9. mummy bear says:

    Wow, you friend sounds like an inspiration to us all. Gosh, I hope she kicks that cancer straight out of the field. Wishing her every positive vibe I can muster

  10. Karen @ If I Could Escape says:

    Yes, it’s hearing news like that that makes you cherish what truly is important. Hope your friend is okay.

  11. mizzpink says:

    Sorry to hear about your friend Liz, I hope she gives her cancer a really good kicking, and that of course next weeks is much better for you.

  12. stella says:

    Tough week indeed. Your friend has the kind of attitude that will see her through – but she may also have tough times and times of doubt. It is great that she has you as a friend to be at her side on her difficult journey.

  13. Baby Genie says:

    It really does make you think doesn’t it. However a mountain of things going wrong in a week is enough to test us all. It sounds like your friend will fight her way through this, good for her. Thinking of you xxx

  14. clareybabble says:

    What a horrible week and so sorry to hear about your friend. I hope next week is better x


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