It’s less than five Weeks To Christmas…

Arghh this week is less than five weeks to Christmas. How did that happen? I don’t know about you but I’ve just got over Halloween and the start of term, now it’s suddenly the end of term and the Christmas holiday looms.

My six year old assures me that time doesn’t go as fast as I keep saying. “It’s been ages since my birthday” she argues (it was two weeks ago) and months since we went swimming (we went yesterday). I think something happens when you have kids and even though the hours go slowly (bedtime for instance), the weeks just fly past. It’s got me thinking that perhaps I should have started 2015’s resolutions a bit earlier, as it’s too late to write a novel/join the gym/and move house now.

New Year Plan

So my plan for 2017 is to be more organised. However, one area where I am on top of for a change is the Christmas present front. This year I have done ALL my present buying online and saved the stress of fighting through crowds, looking for bargains and having to haul it all home by myself. In fact last night as I lay on the sofa online shopping I did wonder why anyone bothers to face the crowds anymore. I know I am missing the thrill of Christmas lights and the fact Christmas shopping can be quite good fun but by shopping online and going through places like KidStart means I have managed to make some very smart buys not to mention saved a fair bit of cash. So how are you doing your Christmas shopping? Online or instore? Let us know your best tips. Our best tip for a truly special offer for KidStart Members is to visit:

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