It’s your move…

Five-year-old Ben eyed the dark blue box with the impressive gold curly writing on top. ‘What’s that?’ he gasped. ‘Is it a game?’ ‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘It’s Trivial Pursuit. It was big in the Eighties – a bit like Spandau Ballet.’

The other day relationships expert Christine Webber from Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff told me she thinks the credit crunch is good news for families. ‘It reminds us what’s important,’ she said. ‘It encourages us to spend time together.’ She’s right of course. But there are only so many times you can hear the Ben10 theme tune without going stir crazy.

That’s why, like Tony Hadley and co, board games are making a comeback in a big way. (Although you do have to watch little ones with small pieces. My son once got a red chubby crayon stuck in his ear canal. It was a month before we noticed it was missing.)


If your old games are missing vital parts, Hamleys has a great selection of old favourites – plus the very funny Britain’s Got Talent board game (£25) and High School Musical Twister Moves (£20). And when the kids have finished playing, maybe the adults can have a turn.

written by Liz Jarvis