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I don’t know about you but I love online communities, whether they are about food, fashion, parenting or my very favourite – everything combined. Over my parenting years I’ve found them reassuring through pregnancy, fantastically helpful through breastfeeding, sleeping problems and potty training and full of wisdom over everything from childcare problems to toddler tantrums. These days I use them more to connect with other mums, and mostly to get some good shopping and money saving tips in these rough financial times. If you’re an online community virgin, I can tell you that through these communities I have saved £300 on car insurance, found out a way to have a holiday on a budget and recently how to make a Peppa Pig birthday cake. For someone like me who works from home they are a life saver. If you feel the same way or are feeling a bit alone at home, or you’re just eager to get on board you’ll be happy to hear that KidStart have created a new community for all their members. KidStart Connect is a place where you can go to share shopping tips, your reviews on goods and stores, and voice your opinions with other mums, dads and carers. KidStart are also aiming to help members to follow their favourite retailers and be kept up to date with the latest offers. Aside from this you can create and join groups, chat and share information with parents at the same life stage as you, and discuss whatever’s on your mind from shoes to relationships and TV programmes. Best of all as KidStart Connect is new (unlike some of the HUGE established communities) you have the chance to mould and shape this community to your own tastes and needs. Sign up and decide what you want a community to do for you. How could this online meeting space, help and ease your life? Sign up today and see what it can do for you. PS: KidStart Connect is looking for early adopters who want to become moderators. Find out more by clicking here