Kate and William getting married. It’s a good thing, right?

So, the worst kept secret since the identity of this year’s X Factor winner  is finally out in the open. Prince William will marry Kate Middleton next summer. And of course it’s very much a modern-day fairy-tale, the handsome prince marrying the commoner, which will probably delight little girls across the world. If it was a movie, our heroine would probably be played by Drew Barrymore. Or possibly Miley Cyrus.

This will actually be the fourth Royal Wedding I’ve watched and/or ignored on TV. Even though I find the whole concept of royalty/blue blood silly in the extreme, I’ve grown up enough (I think) to appreciate how good the royals are for tourism, and therefore the economy.

And like many of you, I feel affectionate and protective towards William and his brother, actually. We’ve watched him grow up, deal with more than his fair share of pressure and emerge from it all a very fine young man. Kate seems like a nice enough girl and hopefully she’ll be able to retain some sense of normality when she becomes a Windsor. I look forward to seeing how her fashion sense changes.

But am I the only one who feels a slight sense of foreboding? Because unlike Sophie Wessex, Kate is marrying a man who will one day be King. And you can’t help thinking of Princess Diana on a day like this.

written by Liz Jarvis