Katie Price, Body Image And Being A Mum

What do you think of Katie Price aka Jordan? Personally I don’t have a massive problem with her. I admire that she works hard but I I’ve never really felt sorry for her until I read her interview in this week’s Heat magazine. In the interview, she reveals how insecure she has felt over the years and talks about cosmetic surgery saying she has Botox not because she thinks she needs it, but ‘because everyone else has it done’. She also says she goes on a sun-bed at least three or four times a week, and has lost count of the number of procedures she has had on her body, revealing that liposuction she had on her legs was unnecessary. Katie rounds the interview off by saying she’s not afraid of ageing and will never have a facelift. Time will tell if that’s true but what is interesting is nowhere in the piece does she say how she feels her body insecurity may be affecting her daughter or her legion of young fans. I know from the work I have done with the Dove Self Esteem Fund that how we as mums (and role models) respond to and treat our bodies directly influences our children. Research from the fund shows mothers who have a good self-image, pass this on to their daughters. But mothers who are unhappy with their body can produce daughters who see themselves through the same distorted mirror. It’s something I certainly could do with remembering when I am moaning about looking old, feeling fat and having bad hair. Right now my sweet five year old is quick to tell me I look lovely but if I keep it up how long before she starts copying my bad habits and feeling horrible about herself too? Not long if my own experience is anything to go by. So what’s your view? Do you censor a bad body image and or let your daughter see how you really feel? Let me know.