Keeping Mum

Did you catch any of Katie Price's interview with Piers Morgan on ITV1 on Saturday night? I'd be interested to know what you thought.

Personally, I'm not sure what possesses someone to go on TV to lay bare every intimate detail of their life (including a miscarriage). Her strange, impassive expression (presumably due to too much Botox), even when she was apparently fighting back tears, left a very poor impression. Particularly when you consider the marriage breakdown happened only eight weeks ago.

More importantly, though, she seems to have forgotten that in a few years time her two children by Peter Andre will almost certainly see footage of that interview – either they'll discover it by themselves on youtube, or a helpful classmate will show it to them. Either way it will be toe-curling for all concerned.

As my grandmother used to say, 'You don't air your dirty linen in public'. For her family's sake, let's hope Katie puts a sock in it now.

written by Liz Jarvis