Give working mums a break!

I do get so fed up with all this knocking of working mums. Now a new survey has revealed that they have the unhealthiest children because their kids are more likely to be driven to school watch a lot of TV and are fed junk food

But as with all things, it depends on the mum, doesn't it? I can think of quite a few non-working mums whose children have too many sugary snacks and not enough exercise. And I can think of plenty of working mums who always ensure their children have a healthy balanced diet and get plenty of fresh air.

In fact, I think that what happens when you're a working mum is that you often go out of your way to ensure your child is eating healthily and getting enough exercise – because it helps compensate for the tremendous guilt you feel at leaving them to go to work in the first place.

So enough, please, of these ridiculous surveys which simply add to the guilt. Working mums have enough on their plate, without being made to feel as though they're not doing the best for their children as well.

written by Liz Jarvis