KidStart’s exclusive pilot partnership with Tesco

We’ve launched a trial partnership with Tesco Groceries which we’re thrilled about. We’ve wanted to work with them for a long time so we could secure KidStart Savings for both new and existing customers for our members.

That’s right, savings for existing members! This is one of the most exciting aspects of this partnership as it’s exclusive to KidStart. During the trial you can earn 50p on orders over £95 and 30p for orders over £80.

For the launch of this trial new customers are also currently being treated to a special offer. You can get £5 back for your little ones’ on orders over £45 (usually £4).

We’ve been so excited to share this news with you as we’re big fans of Tesco’s freshness guaranteed promise, affordability for families and ‘Free Fruit for Kids’ initiative where your children can grab a free piece of fruit to enjoy during an in-store shopping trip, if you don’t shop online.

However, we want to be honest with you and let you know that this partnership is only running for a limited time. We will share the news with you if this will be extended.

To make the most of this partnership we wanted to give you some handy tips:

1. Remember to click out from KidStart before making your Tesco online purchase. If you use desktop install our Savings Prompt to remind you!
2. If you want to make amends to your Tesco order, make sure to click out from KidStart before doing this.
3. You won’t miss out on Club Card points when you use KidStart, these will still be accumulated.
4. We don’t know how long existing customer savings will be staying so take advantage while you can!