Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Style

So Kim Kardashian is pregnant, pushing the other famous mum-to-be out of the headlines. Why? Well, not because she’s more famous but because it seems she dares to wear revealing and sexy outfits when pregnant. So far in she’s been seen in a lace netted dress that clung to all her curves, and this week a sheer black blouse that showed off her bra. While her style choices may not be yours, I can’t help but think that surely the days when pregnant women were forced to hide their bumps are long gone? Since I was pregnant I’ve loved how all the high street stores have started designing some pretty cool pregnancy gear. New Look, GAP, and Mothercare all do a great range of maternity styles that offer something for all types of mums whether they are into showing off their curves like Kim, or going more formal. New Look currently do a very Kim Kardashian friendly maternity range that’s obviously geared towards mums who still want to go out and have good time when pregnant (wow imagine that?). So yet, again I think all this criticism of Kim is a case of strangers thinking they have right to tell pregnant women what to do when pregnant. From my own experience I still remember a friend’s now thankfully ex boyfriend telling me that he didn’t think pregnant women should wear make up because it wasn’t about them anymore. It’s all such a load of nonsense as any mum knows. Let any pregnant woman wear whats she wants I say. But what do you think? Let me know.