Knight and Day review – plus, Tom Cruise: love him, or loathe him?

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I know it’s not fashionable to say it, but I love Tom Cruise. I’ve loved him ever since Risky Business, I loved him in Top Gun, Born on the 4th July, Valkyrie and of course Jerry Maguire. Yes he had me at hello.

So I couldn’t wait to take No 1 Son to see Tom’s new movie, Knight and Day . His co-star in this one is Cameron Diaz and it’s absolutely brilliant.

Cameron plays June who meets Roy (Cruise) as they’re preparing to board a plane. I can’t really tell you too much about the plot because it will spoil it, but let’s just say  June, who repairs cars for a living, quickly learns that there’s MUCH more to Roy, who is a secret agent,  than meets the eye, and finds herself on the ride of her life. There are some huge stunts, the script is very funny,  a fab soundtrack, and both Tom and Cameron are excellent. Both the boy and I loved it.

What I liked about the movie also  is that neither star is afraid to show their laughter lines. How refreshing is that?

Which brings me back to Tom. What do you think – love him, or loathe him? I’d love to know.

written by Liz Jarvis


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10 Responses to Knight and Day review – plus, Tom Cruise: love him, or loathe him?

  1. Jordan says:

    LOVE him. Lots. & cannot wait to see the film!

  2. Deer Baby says:

    Loathe. Although I thought the jumping up and down on Oprah’s sofa was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  3. Gappy says:

    It’s a definite no-no from me. Far too short. Shallow? Moi?

  4. MummyMatters says:

    LOVE HIM! Always have, same as you have watched him since Risky Business and dare I say I actually own most of his films on video and DVD. I have seen every one of his films apart from this one which I’m really looking forward to. I think he is one of the most talented actors, I think he has strange beliefs but everyone is entitled to their own so hey-ho! Yes he is far too short but he could always stand on the yellow pages!

  5. Wendy says:

    Think he’s great, he’s entertaining and talented. Can’t wait to see the film!

  6. Paula says:

    There was a period back in the eighties when he had a height-enhancing quiff. Then it was a yes from me, but much as I’ve loved his films, and he’s undeniably talented, it’s a no from me….does Cameron spend the whole film standing in a ditch?!

  7. PippaD says:

    I have always not though much of him, then the whole TomKat thing really just made me think nope not interested… but then I watched him on Top Gear the other night. Swoon.

  8. nappyavlleygirl says:

    He was gorgeous in Top Gun and Cocktail and has gone steadily downhill ever since…. I think Pippa means the above and not Top Gear by the way – that did make me laugh!

  9. PippaD says:

    I must confess I have never ever seen Top Gun… I do watch Top Gear though. Not saying anything about inappropriate thoughts about The Hampster, Captain Slow or Jezza… Lets just say I don’t think they will ever give me a job for fear of being jumped on. Together.

  10. Nat says:

    I think he’s quite nuts. I met him when I worked on MI2 I was star struck and said not a word, (as was in my contract, unless he spoke to you) he chatted to me regardless of the lack of response however and seemed very nice lol blinding white teeth!


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