Learning curves

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Apparently one third of all primary teachers think that children should be allowed to delay the start of school until six.

Most mums I know can’t wait for their kids to start school. Not just because they need to get back to work, or because their kids are driving them mad (although maybe in one or two cases), but because they know they’ve outgrown playgroup and nursery and even Mummy and are ready to spend more time socialising and learning with their peers on a daily basis. Children should start school when they’re ready.

written by Liz Jarvis


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One Response to Learning curves

  1. Helen says:

    Maybe the problem is, NOT that children are being sent to school too early in their life, but that they are examined at a far too early stage in their school life. The pressures on children these days is unbelievable and they are having to make life changing decisions about their education far too soon. Maybe we should have a policy of learning but no exams/tests until the latter part of their school life or when the teacher believes they are ready.


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