Let Kids Be Adventurous

According to a new survey 85% of children crave more adventure in their lives a stat that’s probably closer to 99% in the summer holidays. Unfortunately the research by family plaster brand, Elastoplast, also reveals that while children are longing for more excitement most parents are too safety conscious to let their them be adventurous. Having a child who loves the TV programme Deadly 60 and will literally pick up anything from a huge spider to a cockroach, and who also loves to swing like a monkey from the highest branch she can find I can see their point. Aside from regular emergency visits to A&E I do feel my heart stopping at regular intervals throughout the day. While my inclination is to always shout ‘NO STOP!’ I try not to, because I remember my own parents who’s quest in life was to keep me wrapped in cotton wool. The result being I was too afraid to even go down a slide or ride a bike throughout my kid years. So I am all for the Adventure 4 Kids campaign to support parents and also inspire children to go for it. It’s being led by TV wildlife presenter, Nick Baker who wisely points out, “Allowing children to experience risk in a controlled environment helps to develop their ability to face risks in the future and builds their confidence.” At Elastoplastyou can download the Become An Adventurer pack for kids and a Kids’ Life Skills pack for parents which is full of advice on how to teach children essential life skills including independence, ingenuity and safety. As part of this Elastoplast are also giving kids the opportunity to recreate their adventures and tell the stories behind their cuts and scrapes using an online interactive storyteller. The best story will win a luxury 5 star family holiday to Greece. So as a parent how do you feel about letting your kids be adventurous? Do you watch through gritted teeth, shout ‘NO’ or allow them to be. Let us know.  Anita Deal of the day: Accor Hotels are offering 7% back for your kids on all Bookings – including Novotel where kids stay and eat for free!