Lets Hear It for Feel Good Advertising

I don’t know about you but I’ve always been a sucker for a good commercial. Whether it’s a funny pot noodle advert on You Tube, or a mainstream corny Coke ad teaching the whole world to sing.
Lately, however, in a world stuffed with inflation rises, job losses, and people doing terrible things, two adverts have pulled me from the gloom and made me grateful for what I have.

The ads I’m talking about are the still talked about John Lewis advert, Always A Woman To Me:

As well as the current Google Chrome commercial, ‘Dear Hollie’.

Watch them and I dare you not to shed a small tear. And yes before someone says it I know I’m being pulled in hook, line and sinker by shameless sentimental marketing, but I still love these ads and will happily let them bring a tear to my eye every time I watch them.

Both chart the birth and life of a small person – one from the point of view of a father, and the other from a mother! For me they are a timely reminder that in amongst all the annoying irritations, life is wonderful so we should enjoy it as it passes in a flash. It may not be a light bulb moment that changes the world but it definitely works for me.

What do you think? Sentimental nonsense or feel good advertising? Let me know.


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