Life on the ocean waves – why cruises are perfect for families

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Like Linda from Have a Lovely Time , a few years ago we went on the holiday of a lifetime – the Disney cruise.

Until I’d actually been on a cruise, I thought they were for the rich and retired. Wrong! As we quickly discovered, they are the ideal way for families to holiday.

It’s not just that you get to visit different places on one holiday without having to drive anywhere; or even that there is so much to do on board – swimming pools, spa treatments, kids’ clubs, sports, all kinds of dining plans, endless entertainment, bars, and so on (honestly, they really are like floating resorts, these ships). But for me, a completely unexpected bonus was that sleeping on board a cruise ship is like being on a bed made of cotton wool clouds. The motion of the ocean lulls you all (yes, even the kids) to sleep. Bliss.

Virgin Holidays Cruises have some brilliant deals at the moment, including a a 14-night Orlando Stay & Caribbean Cruise from £899 per adult. Their sale ends Sunday – and don’t forget you also get money back for your kids through KidStart.

written by Liz Jarvis


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3 Responses to Life on the ocean waves – why cruises are perfect for families

  1. Trish @ Mum's Gone to says:

    We had a family cruise around the Med with Ocean Village a few years ago. We all loved travelling from port to port without having to unpack cases or squabble in the car. Our son enjoyed the kids club, the excursions were excellent (and educational – Pompeii, Pisa, Barcelona etc) and the dining was very relaxed – no formal wear required. Certainly recommend it as a relaxing holiday. We keep thinking we should do it again, maybe a Baltic cruise but I’m nervous about whether the sailing will be as calm.

  2. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I feel like a miserable old bugger today, having visited your site a few times and been the party-pooper!! But I don’t like boats, I have a terrible phobia of sailing, the sea and just boats in general. I’ve never been on a cruise but know lots who have and they love them. My mum has been on several and is always trying to talk me into it. But those ocean waves just won’t leave my head!! I know a cruise liner is smooth and all, but it’s just the way I am. Sorry for being so morbid on your lovely blog! CJ xx

  3. Linda says:

    Even now I fall asleep dreaming we are heading for Castaway Cay! x


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