Lindam Rapid Steam Steriliser – product review

List price: £34.99 (RRP)

Available from: Sainsbury's
Rating:  4/5 

Lindam Rapid Steam Steriliser  

"This is a good looking steriliser that comes with quite a lot of equipment for a really good price! You get an electric steriliser, a bottle warmer and tongs.

It is easy to assemble and doesn't take up much room on your kitchen top.

A great feature of the steriliser is that it will fit all types of bottles, I had no trouble using a different brand of baby bottles in it as there is plenty of room. A full cycle only takes around  six minutes (three minutes for bottle warming) and the handle changes colour to indicate when it is hot so you don't burn yourself. 

All in all it is a great product and great value for money.
Amy Sheridan

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