Little accidents do happen

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My friend Vicky’s son has had a bit of a problem with her son wetting the bed. Not every night, once or twice a week. But he’s seven now and it makes it a bit difficult for him to go to sleepovers with his friends. There’s no obvious reason why he keeps doing it, no emotional upset or anything, and everyone keeps telling her he’ll grow out of it. ‘I just feel so bad about it,’ she told me. ‘I tell him it doesn’t matter, but of course it’s really upsetting for him.’

It is estimated that one in seven seven-year-olds and one in five 10-year-olds have accidents at night. I feel so bad for Vicky and her little boy, it’s very distressing for them, but hopefully their GP will be able to help them find a solution.

Meanwhile, if your child is experiencing the same problem, you may be interested to know that Pampers have brought out Underjams, protective pants to wear under pjs, which they could wear at a sleepover without anyone being any the wiser. You can get a free sample here.

*Have you experienced problems with bed wetting in children over the age of four? If you have any tips or advice, please leave them in the comments below.

written by Liz Jarvis


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9 Responses to Little accidents do happen

  1. nappyvalleygirl says:

    My elder boy is nearly 5 and still not dry at night despite being potty trained since the age of 3. We’ve tried taking the nappy pants away (we use the Huggies brand) but he just wets the bed. Every night. I’ve read that there’s not much you can do about this, you just have to wait until they gain the bladder control.

  2. says:

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  3. skr0 says:

    My daughter had the same problem when aged 5 and it turned out to be caused by a UTI. It is worth popping to the GP.

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  5. Lottie says:

    My son is 6 and shall be 7 in July. He wets the bed almost every night, sometimes twice a night and always has done. I have tried everything to no avail and he doesn’t have a UTI. My GP says he’ll grow out of it and i’m inclined to agree. How many adults (who are obviously healthy) do we know that wet the bed? Exactly. They aren’t likely to be doing it by the time they’re teenagers so i’m inclined not to worry. It’s an incovenient nuisance and it would save me a fortune if I could stop buying pull ups but that’s the way it goes. I suspect that once peer pressure kicks in properly I will see an improvement.

  6. Susie @newdaynewlesson says:

    Has he been evaluated by a pediatrician? There are all kinds of methods to help. The parents need to research about what treatment feels right. As far as sleepovers, a temporary fix may be a medication (given as nasal spray) to help with the bedwetting. I was searching for link to different methods and came across this which was kind of interesting to me. If I was a parent of a bedwetter, i would definitely hear what they had to say.

  7. Expat Mum says:

    There are various reasons for this and many can be addressed by a doctor. ONe friend of mine was told it’s a hormone that doesn’t develop in all children till around the age of 7. Sure enough, her son stopped bed wetting at seven and a half years. They usually all grow out of it. Getting him up in the middle of the night to go for a wee however, doesn’t help. Limiting drinks after a certain time in the evening might reduce the amount of pee but also doesn’t address the problem. I would suggest an INternet search too.

  8. bev says:

    Oh yes been there done that …. My son was almost 9 before he stopped bedwetting and although it got less as times goes on it was still upsetting for him when it happened. Each to his own I say but if it helps anyone this is my experience…. We tried everything – rewards for a dry bed or much praise, no drinks after 6 but a little water, waking for a wee – you name it we tried, we went to the doctor who suggested medication – this may be ok for a sleep over but doesn’t resolve the matter and once checked that there were no problems this was not something I was keen on. So on we went and here’s what we did – -Remember it’s not his fault and he doesn’t do it on purpose -Make the bed with a waterproof mattress protector on the mattress, put a pampers bed mat (expensive but convenient) or washable bed mat on top, then a fitted sheet – then to make bed changes easier in the night, another bed mat and another fitted sheet – if he has an accident you can then just remove the top fitted sheet and bed mat and the bottom mattress protector always protects the mattress and won’t need changing. -When there is a little accident just say something simple like ‘don’t worry’, change the pjs (can shower/wash in the morning) and remove the top ‘layer’ of the bed, pop them back in bed and say nothing else but ‘goodnight, sleep well’, don’t make a fuss and don’t get into conversation, just a little reasurance that it doesnt matter. -When they have a dry bed a little praise but don’t make a big thing of it Above all reassure them that they will grow out of it and try not to make a big issue out of it. At the end of the day I don’t really think there is anything you can do but tell yourself that they WILL grow out of it eventually. It’s hard work at the time but there are more important things to worry about. Hope this helps anyone going through this experience, it’s not fun but in most cases it’s just the way boys are sometimes and not always a medical problem. Patience, as they say, is a virtue. Anyway, not sure I like sleepovers unless with a much loved auntie (we’re not lucky enought to have grandparents) who don’t mind the wet beds anyway!! Best of luck!!

  9. Louise says:

    We had the same issue with my older son and were at our wits end. It was only when I was talking to my Midwife in my second pregnancy that she suggested that we try stop giving my son diluted juice. Apparently something in the juice makes the bladder almost vibrate and when children are asleep the body doesnt have time to wake up before it needs a wee (sorry – not very scientific!!) Within 2 days we had dry nights!! There was the odd accident but he is now completely dry. Worth a try before putting a child through the stress of going to the Doctors!


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