Little accidents do happen

My friend Vicky’s son has had a bit of a problem with her son wetting the bed. Not every night, once or twice a week. But he’s seven now and it makes it a bit difficult for him to go to sleepovers with his friends. There’s no obvious reason why he keeps doing it, no emotional upset or anything, and everyone keeps telling her he’ll grow out of it. ‘I just feel so bad about it,’ she told me. ‘I tell him it doesn’t matter, but of course it’s really upsetting for him.’ It is estimated that one in seven seven-year-olds and one in five 10-year-olds have accidents at night. I feel so bad for Vicky and her little boy, it’s very distressing for them, but hopefully their GP will be able to help them find a solution. Meanwhile, if your child is experiencing the same problem, you may be interested to know that Pampers have brought out Underjams, protective pants to wear under pjs, which they could wear at a sleepover without anyone being any the wiser. You can get a free sample here. *Have you experienced problems with bed wetting in children over the age of four? If you have any tips or advice, please leave them in the comments below. written by Liz Jarvis